Are you a store owner? Share your Coupons Instantly..!

Coupons play an important role to improve any kind of business. Sharing coupons through digital media helps acquire new customers as well bring existing customers for repeat business. We think KitWall can be used by merchants effectively for this and other customer communication purposes. Offering coupons not only improve your sales but it also helps grow your store brand. Creating digital coupons can help draw attention to your offers and it helps greatly if your customers are notified instantly when a coupon is released for use.

Have a coupon to offer? Create it now:

While creating coupon code, you need to be careful to advertise your store name prominently on the coupon image. Show the coupon code in an attractive, clear text and let your customers know how they can redeem the coupon. If possible clear instructions to redeem the coupons can be helpful.

Coupon Views and shares:

Publishing coupons or newsletters is easy with KitWall. But to know the exact results of the coupon distribution is important. In most cases, the performance data for a coupon is lacking. Analytics info can be great for coupon distribution effectiveness.

Sharing coupons by your customers is really important and this viral nature is a multiplier to your distribution efforts. More attractive coupons need to be generated and it helps your store brand to reach more customers within a short period of time. Sharing coupons with multiple mobile applications gives more visibility for your store and coupons can be accessed instantly through mobile sharing. It helps greatly if the coupon is attractive and family friendly so it can be shared with family and friends.

Coupons Grouping:

Creating coupons and sharing it to right category customers is really important. Once a coupon is created, it needs to be delivered to the right customer as they will be very keen to specific categories. If a coupon is not delivered to the right customer, it is a waste of time and there is a change of ignoring your store coupons by customers when they get coupons which are not related to your customers purchase categories.

Categorize the coupons into different categories and send it to right customers and it will help your customers to redeem the coupons instantly. This helps a lot that you are sending specific coupons which are related according to the customer interest and they are not annoyed at all.

Sharing coupon instantly with KitWall:

If you are a physical or online store owner and want to share coupons, KitWall makes it really simple. Download KitWall on your smartphone and it is very simple to register with KitWall using your mobile number.

Once after registration with KitWall, create a wall by entering a wall name, wall ID and wall description which represents your store information.
After creating your store wall, notify your wall name to your customers and simply start publishing your coupons and your customers can subscribe anytime to your wall. Notifications of your coupons are delivered instantly to your customers and also we can see number of views of the coupons published.

KitWall can be a great tool to promote your business rapidly.