KitWall for Efficient Messaging for Teams, Customers, or Audiences.

Why KitWall? We get asked this question sometimes. Coming to think of it, we think it’s pretty obvious. We are all savvy users of Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Texting and such other applications. These have been very useful and we are all used to communicating with our contacts effectively with them. So far so good!

Then come the time to keep people informed of things that happen such as updates, calls for meetings, newsletters, subscriptions and such. These are not people we like to keep as contacts on our phone or as friends on our social media account. We don’t want them to get too interested in our affairs like checking our profile or looking up people we are connected to. These may be contacts like the members in a PTA or the players you are coaching or campaign workers you are managing, for instance. There are a myriad of such needs that we like to keep off our mobile phone contacts but still like to communicate with. KitWall is the right app for these applications.

Then comes the case of a need for a communications channel where we like to keep a low support burden. If the channel of communication is like a chat room or a private or a public group the interactions possible are too numerous needing a lot of moderation and oversight. High maintenance, that we are not prepared for. KitWall is perfect to keep it low maintenance! Very little noise!

KitWall allows a wall admin to publish to her/his users and allows for a communication back to the admins. It doesn’t allow users to communicate among themselves. This is perfect for applications where a message needs to be published to the users instantly on their mobiles.

Walls for everyone

Any user can create a wall and publish. People can subscribe to a wall and all the posts on the wall from then on will be served to their mobiles. It’s easy to publish from your mobile. On the same app you can be subscribing to some walls and be an admin on some walls. Great to keep your subscribers up to date with stuff.

Public or Private?

We know of a lot of situations where we do not want to say something on the Internet that stays there for eternity. Well, let’s admit it. There are situations where we like to speak to our family and friends and prefer to keep it close to our people and not be worried about how it might look to strangers. We are with you and definitely can relate to this need. So we allow “Private Walls” and you don’t have to be too shy to say what you want to say!

Walls can be Public or Private. Public walls can be subscribed by anyone. Private walls need a passcode to allow permission to subscribe. The wall creator/administrators can change the wall passcode at any time. People will need the new passcode to subscribe from then on. The old subscribers do not need to know the new passcode to continue being subscribers. This offers interesting options to have good control on subscriptions. For example, a teacher can set a passcode and share with his students and change the passcode at the end of the class (provided that all the interested students have subscribed).

This allows for one to allow subscribers from an event. One of the design goals for KitWall is “easy subscriptions”. We liked to avoid entering long lists of phone numbers or email addresses.

Large groups? No problem!

KitWall is designed for large groups. The underlying backend is designed for Internet scale operations. Feel free to make your group as large as you wish.

Frequent Updates

KitWall is robustly designed to allow frequent updates. Please make sure that your subscribers are ok with your frequent updates. We allow frequent updates and your users will be allowed to view them instantly or in digests (coming soon).

Multiple Admins

We see a need in certain cases for different people to cover different things. If your wall is about news, you may want round the clock coverage from different parts of the world/country. Yes, you can allow for different admins to cover different content areas, different geographies. The same case applies to a political campaign using KitWall. Of course there are many such applications. Please let us know your stories and inspire us to serve you better.


KitWall allows attachments of various types and we are working hard to include additional types of attachments. At the time of writing this, we allow images, PDF and word documents at this time. Other types of attachments will be added shortly.